Relationship building and Covid-19

Scandinavia has been closed for Covid-19 for now five weeks. It means relationship building for asset managers towards Scandinavian institutional investors must be different.

Institutional investors want managers to focus on the markets and their investment process now, and there will be time after the crisis to present a competent and focused asset managers 2020-response to this extreme event. We conduct our activities according to this.

Physical seminars and exclusive one-on-one meetings with selected Institutions is a cornerstone in relationship building for any asset manager with serious ambitions in Scandinavia. We believe they will come back, but not only has societies to reopen and border restriction to be lifted, it must also become socially acceptable for institutions to facilitate physical meetings.

In the meantime, the other tools in the box can come out more often. It means videos and video meetings, timely updates with specific knowledge conveyed to investors and white papers. It is important not to cut back on established relationships, but to keep forwarding information with the same cadence, even if the investors are busy navigating the crisis. Needless to say, asset managers with mandates must be available 24/7 to address concern and provide information to their clients.

The three countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark has chosen different strategies the fight Covid-19, as the less densely populated Sweden operates with fewer restrictions than Denmark. However, the differences mean nothing for marketing, as it is not possible nor desirable to travel from abroad to any of the Scandinavian countries. In the meantime, we are ready to work with the applicable tools mentioned above. Please contact Christian Jessen at if you want to share your thoughts.

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