• Media coverage for US client Mar Vista Investment Partners

    The financial media AMWatch has written about our partner, the US equity manager Mar Vista Investment Partners. AMWatch spoke with Mar Vista’s co-founder of portfolio manager, Brian Massey, and Jay Pollitt, Managing Director. “Since it was founded in 2007, assets under management at US investment …

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  • The financial equity lemming migration:

    When the index herd reach the beach and swim into the sea with certain death to follow. The cost of active management in the US stock market has been reduced to lower levels. Institutional investors get terms that private individuals can only dream about. Is …

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  • Asset Management: When Success Kills

    As any professional buyer of services from asset managers will know, one of the biggest challenges is what happens when success comes and the money starts pouring in. This is how that scenario typically plays out – and how you can avoid getting stung as …

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